Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gypsy Sparrow...

Lol... i wish i could change my name to Gypsy Sparrow now (but that name is taken)... I find that the bird inspires me! I DO have a sparrow tattooed on my arm (thanks to my daughter's & my matching tattoos)... and i just yesterday bought a cheap little pendant that 'spoke' to me. An empty (3-D) bird cage & a sparrow flying away. To me, it represents my strong need for freedom!

Here is a good write-up on the symbolic meaning of the sparrow. Safety in numbers certainly would be something to remember on the road, but the rest really means a lot too! Reminder to be productive... to be creative... & to try to keep our burdens light. She's ever vigilant in her goals, and she has a spiritual side to her too! And of course we can't forget that sparrows also represent freedom! Can't get any more precise than that!

So... Freedom, Joy, Inclusion, Creativity, Simplicity, Protection, Community, Productivity, Friendliness & Spirituality....

Well, gypsy sparrow may not be able to officially be my name, but she will certainly be my animal totem! Even though i'm a 'kat'! We all need to get along! Hehe... ;-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Gypsy life begins in 3 months....

the vagabond life...
Aaaand the pendulum swings back from Gypsy Wagon to Gypsy Vagabond... again.  I still would LOVE to have that wagon, but it's such a big investment in one lump.  SO... in the meantime, the vagabond dream is much closer to reality!

And really, when i get down to it... my move to Yellowknife IS the beginning of my nomad life!  I mean, i'll be leaving my friend to look after my house & cats, and will be moving on down the road & living in a new town... for a year.  I'll just be staying in my first stop for a lot longer than most towns, that's all.

This whole thing is doable only if i have my best friend to stay with the house (good thing he loves it and is willing to pay for it) ... AND my "patron" is still able to finance costs... rent, food & travel.  Without that... i'm screwed.  So, as long as these blocks are in place, i really need to take advantage of them!  Because who knows how long they will last!  *knock on wood*... The stars are aligned to be a vagabond, so, i had better get my *ss in gear and DO IT!  While i can!  Hopefully it will stay this way for a very long time...but  i'll just cross those bridges when i get to them.  One step at a time, and it looks like a vagabond is the first step!

Friday, February 25, 2011

♪♫• Rollin' rollin' rollin' ♪♫•

Wow.. i can't believe that my brain is back on the Gypsy Wagon (RV) track again... my original idea! I would dearly love to travel the world... see all those countries out there that my kids have now experienced... OMG, what a once-in-a-lifetime experience! But chances are i'd be doing most of it alone, and with what's happening out there... Just look at what's happening in Egypt, one place i was planning on going to... or Korea (i was offered a free trip there with an old friend, but it's on the verge of war, and that makes me decidedly nervous).
a Gypsy Wagon

Ooohhh, nobody would ever take advantage of a woman traveling alone here at home! ;-) Hehe.. yeah, i know.. It's probably just as dangerous in an RV in Canada/US. But either way, my head is thinking RV again.Too bad i just missed the early bird RV show at the beginning of Feb. And the main show won't be on until after i leave for Yellowknife. So looks like i'm sh*t out of luck to go sit in RVs & dream of a life on the road! This whole RV thing would be so far in the future anyway, but... this girl does love to dream!
A Vampyre Story

As i've said before, i haven't even left for Yellowknife, and i'm already thinking/planning my years after that! Last night i asked my friend what will happen after i get back after my year up there, in the summer 2012 (as if he'd know.. lol). I really don't think that i'll be satisfied just staying in Vancouver! And certainly not being back on this island, sequestered from the world again, for yet another stint at a prison sentence! Renting a room in Vancouver might help, so i can get out there and socialize, but... i want to go live in new places, and meet new people... *sigh* You know... same old, same old. If you have this RV dream yourself... you get it.

Of course he didn't know, but suggested i cross that bridge when i get there. So... i wait. And in the meantime, i plan my next adventure... my move to Yellowknife this coming June...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Backpacking Kitty...

Can you imagine?? How cute, and what a great traveling companion! Apparently they're on a 9000 mile journey from Miami to Argentina! Now THIS is one way to be a vagabond alone... but not alone! Although that extra weight.. lol. I wouldn't be able to handle it! Especially not if i had to carry a tent, etc too! But still... CUTE OVERLOAD ALERT! :-)

Thanks Kitty Stampede, for posting this!